Photo Gallery

I am happy to show you some of my most recent projects. Click on the images for larger views.

#3 in New York State #1 Oswego County. Taken in town of New Haven, November 2012 by Ray Swope, net score 185.1



Above & Below: Occasionally we will do some repair work



Above: Making a silk purse out of a sow's ear!

Alert & curious Red Fox

This Racoon is posing in his natural habitat

Above: We can get very creative with our poses!

The detail makes all the difference in the world
when it comes to the art of taxidermy

I have the experience and skills it takes to do an exceptional job with your mount. Customer satisfaction is important to me.

My work has been featured in several outdoor sports
magazines and local newspapers

Every hunter remembers their first buck. What better way
to preserve those lifetime memories than to have the
actual trophy displayed in your home or camp?

We offer several styles of mounting boards from live edge planks (above right) to custom themed nautical (above left)

Coyote with an alert pose

Curious Coyote

Snowshoe rabbit created showing an evasive pose

This Red Fox shows what could be considered a territorial snarling pose

Gray Squirrel preparing for Winter

Tom Turkey in full strut mode